The measure of real men

The measure of real men

Genesis 1:26
....Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness...

  The Marine Corps advertises that it is looking for a few good men. What does that mean?
  Experience has taught that the measure of a man is not determined by his shoe size, shirt size, or the width of his belt. Neither is it determined by the depth of his wallet or the muscles in his arms. There are characteristics about a real man that often do not appeal to the eye but are evident in his character.
  Real men are strong, courageous, loving, sound-thinking, and god-fearing. All of the other attributes are extras that make him even more appealing.
   God made man in his own image. He made him in such a wonderful way that the psalmist asked the question, "What is man that thou art mindful of him? Man and his kind are the wonderful creations of God himself. The body is the outer shell, but because a godly man is made by God himself, the qualities went in before the name went on.
   We know that God is responsible for all of creation. We are all wonderfully made in his likeness. We glorify him for creating mankind, and we revel in the fact that his creation was perfect in every respect, because when God makes a man, the man he makes is shaped by the hand of God himself.
Black Perspective:

  African-American men must redefine masculinity beyond superficial traits. In a society that sometimes places emphasis on physical appearance or material success, our men should focus on qualities like strength, courage, love, sound thinking, and godliness. Our women are looking for a few good men; so is our Lord.

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