We are building too

We are building too

Genesis 6:14
Make yourself an ark of gopher wood.
Make rooms in the ark, and cover it inside and out with pitch.

When we do what God says, it might seem silly to others, but we act in faith.

God told Noah to construct an ark, a vessel of salvation, amidst impending destruction. Obeying the directive required faith and obedience.

Noah, amidst a world of skeptics, embraces this divine command, undertaking an arduous task that defies conventional understanding. His commitment to building the ark, a monumental and seemingly irrational project, becomes an emblem of unwavering faith in God's promise. Noah's story is not merely about survival; it's about the triumph of faith over doubt and obedience over skepticism. The ark, thus, stands not just as a structure of wood and nails but as a testament to the power of faith and the fulfillment of divine promise.

Noah's construction of the ark has parallels to the African-American experience.

Much like Noah, African-Americans have long embarked on a journey of building resilience against the floods of social and racial injustices. This journey has been marked by a steadfast faith in the possibility of a just and equitable future, despite the overwhelming tide of challenges.

The ark represents the collective efforts to construct a foundation of community, culture, and identity that withstands the storms of discrimination and inequality. 

God says build it, we act; no matter what others think.

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