When God invites you, accept

When God invites you, accept

Genesis 7:1
Come thou and all thy house into the ark...


  God opens doors of opportunity and salvation for us, but too many of us won't accept.

 God  selected animals of every kind to be saved from a great flood by bringing them onto Noah's Ark. These animals followed God's command without question. However, when it came to people, God extended an invitation instead of a command. Surprisingly, all of the people chose not to listen and refused to join Noah on the Ark.

Often, people react the same way today. God offers us help and protection, but like the people in Noah's time, we sometimes ignore or reject His generosity. This refusal can lead to unnecessary hardships and missed opportunities for safety and blessings.

If God makes a way for us, we should accept it.

Throughout history, African-Americans have been presented with critical opportunities for advancement and justice, much like an invitation to board the Ark. Leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., Frederick Douglass, or A. Phillip Randolph offered us chances to join the movement; many did, but most did not out of fear and apprehension. They offered us paths to equality and respect, but many refused. Some found freedom only when they faced Harriet Tubman's shotgun.

It takes faith to act on God's invitation. When we ignore chances for betterment, whether through divine guidance or social progress, we risk missing out on crucial moments of change and healing.

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