Karr outperforms the rest of Orleans Parish

Karr outperforms the rest of Orleans Parish

Recent released numbers show Edna Karr High School shines as a beacon of success, outperforming Orleans Parish in LEAP Mastery Growth. Karr students' hard work & educators' unwavering support have propelled them to new heights.

The LEAP exam has been the tunnel to college for decades. While many do not support the test, educators have no control over the state requirements. Instead, teachers have to prepare students for the exam whether they agree with it or not. These numbers prove the KARR staff understands the assignment and the students' results are trending upward much more than the rest of the entire Orleans Parish.

KARR is an Inspired Nola institution. Several of the IN schools trended up. Whatever system IN is using, maybe the rest of the parish should take notes. It's obviously working.

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