2024 Primary Dates

2024 Primary Dates

Jan 15 

Iowa Republican Caucus

Jan 23

New Hampshire Republican Primary (Democratic Primary is Non-Binding)

Feb 3

South Carolina Primary

Feb 6

Nevada Democratic Primary. (Republican Primary is Non-Binding)

Feb 8

States and territories holding elections include: Nevada Republican presidential caucuses and Virgin Island Republican presidential caucuses.

Feb 24

South Carolina Republican Primary

Feb 27

Michigan Primary Election

March 2

Idaho Republican presidential caucuses, Michigan Republican Convention

March 3

DC Republican presidential primary (party-run)

March 4

North Dakota Republican presidential caucuses


States and territories holding elections include: Alabama, Alaska Republican presidential caucuses, American Samoa presidential caucuses, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Iowa Democratic caucus mail vote, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah Democratic presidential primary and Republican presidential caucuses, Vermont and Virginia.

March 12

States and territories holding elections include: Democrats Abroad presidential primary, Georgia, Hawaii Republican presidential caucuses, Mississippi, Northern Mariana Islands Democratic primary (party-run) and Washington.

March 15

Northern Mariana Islands Republican presidential caucuses

March 16

Guam Republican Convention

March 19

States holding elections include: Arizona, Florida Republican presidential primary, Illinois, Kansas and Ohio

March 23

States holding elections include: Louisiana presidential primary election, Missouri Democratic presidential primary election (party-run).

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