Another one?!! Bill Cosby facing ANOTHER sexual assault lawsuit

Another one?!! Bill Cosby facing ANOTHER sexual assault lawsuit

It must be like “Ground Hog Day” for Bill Cosby. That’s because another woman has come forward and accused Coz of sexual assault. The Daily Mail says singer Morganne Picard filed a lawsuit in New York on Friday claiming the comedian drugged her and raped her.

Picard claims Cosby used his “power, fame, and prestige” to sexually abuse her. According to Picard, she met Cosby in 1987 when he invited her on the set of ‘The Cosby Show.’

After getting to know each other Picard says she became close with him and his wife and claims she looked at Cosby as a “father figure.” But further into the lawsuit the singer alleges Cosby would often offer her to drink alcohol, claiming that the drinks made her black out on “multiple occasions.”

She went on to explain that on one certain day when she was at Cosby’s house, she had one of his drinks and allegedly woke up in a “hotel room, naked, with soreness.”

Cosby’s lawyer, Andrew Wyatt, previously denied all of the other allegations against her client. “It is disappointing to see that these alleged distractors are able to monetize false allegations against Mr. Cosby,” Wyatt said to the news outlet.

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