Aubrey O'Day claims Diddy's masters offer to Danity Kane is garbage

Aubrey O'Day claims Diddy's masters offer to Danity Kane is garbage
Aubrey O'Day is speaking out over facts around the return of publishing rights in Diddy's agreement with Bad Boy musicians.

Combs made the decision to "reassign the label's publishing rights" to artists like Faith Evans, Ma$e, The LOX, 112, and Biggie Small's estate, according to Revolt TV. However, Mark Curry, a former rapper for Bad Boy, is unimpressed.

"What's the current value?" Curry earlier stated in a social media video. He returned mine to me a long time ago. I asked, "Why don't you just keep it and pay me?" since it is insulting. Money, not publication, is what I seek.

On a recent edition of the Only Stans podcast, O'Day expressed apprehension regarding Diddy's publishing arrangement with her band Danity Kane.

As she reads the terms of the agreement to host Glenny Balls from her phone, O'Day added, "I have to release him for any claims or wrongdoings or actions prior to the date of the release," according to Complex. "I am required to sign a non-disclosure agreement pledging that I will never publicly disparage Puff, Bad Boy, Janice Combs, Justin Combs Music, EMI, or Sony."

Comparing Dainty Kane's arrangement to the estimated $48 million the group's two platinum albums under Bad Boy brought in, Complex notes that she would only receive between $800 and $900 in royalties.

"To stay quiet on Puff, this is just some meager streaming money," O'Day remarked.

"This is the real deal—a few hundred bucks in exchange for giving up the right to never again tell the narrative of what I went through,” she continued.

O'Day also criticized Paramount+, the streaming service owned by MTV, for neglecting to rerun the reality series "Making the Band," which chronicled Danity Kane's creation.

They don't rebroadcast [Making the Band], so we're not even going to have the 'Oh hey, I remember this' kind of buzz. "Let me hire them for something, they're cult classics," she remarked in the podcast.

Two of the five members, according to O'Day, declined to sign Diddy's publishing contract.

In the end, all we're willing to do is look the other way. It's funny that Diddy is essentially renowned for not paying his artists, yet you move on and find something funny that he posted on TikTok. However, what about those who gave up their six years of employment to labor in a field where someone made, what, 48 million dollars, and we never saw a dime of that? For years of our life, we spent years on stage in thongs and five-inch heels, and we saw none of it, the woman clarified.
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