Beyonce drops two new singles during Superbowl, announces new album

Beyonce drops two new singles during Superbowl, announces new album

Beyoncé fans get ready!

On Sunday night, the 42-year-old singer unveiled two new tracks from her next country album.

The opening song, "Texas Hold 'Em," recalls Beyoncé's 2016 Lemonade song "Daddy Lessons": "This ain't Texas / Ain't no hold 'em / So our lays our cards down, down, down, down."

Beyoncé wears a metallic breastplate, black cowboy hat, huge earrings, and a black belt with a silver heart-shaped piece over her bottom half on the single's cover.

Beyoncé sings over a rustic groove in "16 Carriages," the second country tune.

"Sixteen carriages drivin' away while I watch them ride with my dreams away / To the summer sunset on a holy night / On a long back road, all the tears I find," the mother of three says in the chorus.

Another stanza says, "Fifteen innocents was gone astray / Had to leave my home at an early age." "I saw mama prayin', I saw daddy grind / All my tender problems, had to leave behind."

Beyoncé wears a black cowboy hat and a wavy bob on the song's cover in black and white.

Beyoncé's newest releases followed her announcement that the second act of her Renaissance album, which debuted in 2022, will be published in March.

Beyoncé teased her new sound and its release date in an Instagram video of her traveling across the desert.

The album and song announcements followed Beyoncé's Verizon Wireless ad teasing her list of "firsts" to smash the Internet during Super Bowl LVIII.

Stream and buy "Texas Hold 'Em" and "16 Carriages" now. Beyoncé's new album drops March 29.

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