Burna Boy name-drops Farrakhan and Malcolm X to back up controversial statement

Burna Boy name-drops Farrakhan and Malcolm X to back up controversial statement
Rapper Burna Boy from Nigeria has explained his earlier remarks regarding Black Americans and the African diaspora that caused some controversy. But he asserts that his viewpoints are the same as those of Louis Farrakhan or Malcolm X. In response to the question "Why is it important for the diaspora to come home?" posed in March, the "Last Last" musician received criticism after claiming that Black Americans were cut off from African culture. Chakabars Clarke is an activist and the creator of iHeartAfrica.

"You realize why? Let's use America, then," Burna agreed. Why do you believe that Chinese Americans are treated with respect? They don't experience the same things that African Americans do. I'm not taking anything away from them despite the fact that they may struggle.

But they don't experience what African-Americans do, he continued. Do you understand the reason? as a result of the Chinese American's base. He is truly aware of his Chinese origins. Do you comprehend? Italian-Americans are aware of the country of origin of their ancestors... Similar rules apply to everyone else, excluding African Americans.

The international celebrity was questioned about his remarks in a recent episode of Complex's "360 With Speedy Morman" series. Many people accused him of omitting "the whole history of African involvement in the slave trade."

15 minutes into the conversation, Mormon interjected, "Throughout your career, you've always preached unity and bringing Black people together, but there's one phrase that's been inescapable for you at this point, and everybody believes that you once said or alluded to Black Americans not having any culture. He said that Burna's outfit in a popular clip from his upcoming music video had online followers perplexed as well.

"So, they said, 'Wait a minute. If Black Americans don't have a culture, why is he sampling an American song and wearing shoes that resemble Timbs?

The Grammy-winning musician, whose true name is Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu MFR, said to Mormon that he doesn't believe in secret objectives and that there is only one goal he needs to complete.

At the end of the day, I'll still perform my duties. Still, I'm going to carry out my mission, Burna said. "And my goal is to unite us, you understand what I mean? My goal is to construct a bridge that is impenetrable and that ought to have existed from the beginning. Understand what I mean? Therefore, that isn't really relevant to me. I don't really consider any of that since I believe everyone who says it is doing so to further their own objectives.

Although he insists that he never claimed "Black people have no culture," what he actually said is identical to what has already been said.

"Show me the part where I said that," Burna urged. "I didn't say anything that Malcolm X didn't say," Nothing I said contradicts anything the Honorable Louis Farrakhan said. Understand what I mean? However, since Burna Boy is speaking and is from Africa, it is evident who is saying it. You understand that it suits the agenda for your small group or whatever.

That, according to Burna, is "All that's beneath" him, adding that "my mission and my movements are too divine for stupid s—t like that."

Both his initial comments and most recent justification have gone viral. 

One person remarked, "This has to be the funniest Burna interview ever."

"This is the best interviewer Burna has ever had," one person commented. He asked pertinent questions, so you can tell how at ease he was to respond. Good work.

Another person chimed in, "Burna Boy is the truth."

I Told Them, the recording artist's seventh studio album, is currently available and has contributions from J. Cole from North Carolina as well as Dave, 21 Savage, and RZA.

Additionally making waves is Burna Boy, who endorsed Cole's comparison of him to the late musician Tupac Shakur. For crying out loud, he said Cole called him "Tupac reincarnated in Africa."

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