Erykah Badu claims Beyonce copied her style, asks Jay-Z to intervene

Erykah Badu claims Beyonce copied her style, asks Jay-Z to intervene

After suggesting Beyoncé plagiarized her appearance for the COWBOY CARTER album cover, Erykah Badu was chastised. Any reader with minimal social media exposure knows her fandom is strong, and they defended her fiercely. The Neo-soul legend called Jay-Z to call off these attacks, perhaps in jest to show that it wasn't serious. After all, drawing inspiration and sharing style may be a sort of tribute, especially amongst two Black female artists.

"To Jay-Z. Say something Jay. You gonna allow her and the bees hurt me? Laughing emoji "Erykah Badu tweeted lately. Beyonce's PR also responded, uploading a video showing her braided styles over the years. "She kills. She kills. Then. Always. #criticswithoutcredentials—Yvette Noel-Schure captioned her Instagram image.

In the past, Badu made similar charges, but the Houston superstar replied by offering her more tribute and honor.

Even though many see an egocentric assumption, there is clearly mutual respect here. As one of the largest musical influencers of the past 30 years, Erykah Badu recognizes the ground she paved for others. But legends like Beyonce may use that rich ground and build their own tree while acknowledging the roots. The "On & On" singer's involvement on Rapsody's next album is another musical and collaborative example.

With COWBOY CARTER excitement at an all-time high, we're confident the Beyhive will support their leader. The next crossover conversations between fans and artists should be more grateful. The world doesn't need disagreement between these legendary artists.

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