How much of Revolt TV does Diddy actually own?

How much of Revolt TV does Diddy actually own?

Attorney Antonio Moore looks deep into Revolt TV channel founded by Sean “Diddy” Combs and asks questions on its underpinnings. Why was it created? What is the channel’s funding? Who owns Revolt TV both in the past and present day?

Moore pulls the layers back and he looks at the MOU agreement with Comcast signed by Al Sharpton, NAACP former President Ben Jealous, and Marc Morial President of the National Urban League which was a major step that allowed Comcast to acquire NBC Universal.  Moore also reviews admission by Sean “Diddy” Combs of issues that he had with Comcast distribution and support of the channel. Connecting Revolt TV and Diddy to a larger critique of Black celebrities he has made prior framing it as Decadent Veil covering up the lack of Black American wealth.

“The start we received from Comcast, which was a condition of the United States government approval for Comcast to acquire NBCUniversal, was important, but it is not the level of support needed to build a successful African American-owned network. Not even close,” Combs said. “Since that launch, our relationship has not grown, and Revolt is still not carried by Comcast in the most affordable packages nor is Revolt available in all of the markets that would enable us to serve our target audience. Comcast spends billions of dollars on content networks every year, but just a few million go to African American-owned networks like Revolt. That is unacceptable.” Sean Combs 11/21/2019

In the full show via the video player above, Moore also pushes back on framing the rapper 50 Cent as a genius for his offering to buy the Revolt TV channel from Diddy on social media.

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