Ice Cube working on new album, 'Man Down'

Ice Cube working on new album, 'Man Down'
Speaking candidly about his upcoming album "Man Down," which is his first extended solo effort since 2018's "Everything's Corrupt," Ice Cube

The rapper and actor said, "I'm working on an album that hopefully I can finish in the next couple of weeks and schedule to put it out and yeah, I'm digging what I'm doing," on Chuck D's RAPstation, according to All Hip Hop.

"The album is titled Man Down, and it's actually quite an excellent record. I enjoy it. It's hot," Cube continued.

Along with other rap legends Too $hort, Snoop Dogg, and E-40, Ice Cube established the supergroup Mount Westmore. Their debut album was released in December of last year. Following his split from N.W.A., Ice Cube went on to create ten solo albums.

As part of KDAY's 40th anniversary celebration, Cube will perform in Los Angeles on September 29 alongside Ja Rule and Ashanti, according to All Hip Hop.

As we previously reported, Ice Cube responded to Elon Musk's weekend bullying of him on Twitter.

Musk made light of Ice Cube's age with a meme. The rapper/actor was pictured in the post with the caption, "Remember Ice Cube? This is him now; do you sense aging yet?

In response, Cube shared a meme that included a flaming dumpster on one side and the platform's previous bird logo on the other.

Do you recall Twitter? Have you started to feel foolish yet? The actor from "Friday" penned the caption.

One person wrote, "To be fair, Twitter is dead now," as a comment under Ice Cube's post on X, the former home of Twitter. He must be ignorant of 𝕏.
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