Jonathan Majors' driver testimony helps his case in Domestic Violence Trial

Jonathan Majors' driver testimony helps his case in Domestic Violence Trial

Jonathan Majors’ domestic violence trial continued on Monday with testimony from the driver who witnessed the violent altercation between the actor and his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, on March 25.

Through an Urdu interpreter, the driver testified Monday that Jabbari, a professional dancer, hit Majors during the altercation, The Independent reports.

“The girl became very angry… the boy wanted to get rid of the girl and he opened the door,” the driver said, according to Courthouse News.

“He was trying to get rid of her,” he continued. “He was saying ‘leave me alone. I have to go’”.

The driver added: “He was not doing anything, she was doing it.”

He continued… “When the earlier happening, I had a feeling the girl had hit the boy…because of the way that she was fighting, and the sounds produced.”

As previously reported, Majors was arrested on March 25 in NYC following an alleged violent attack against Jabbari. The ex-couple was taking a private car from a Brooklyn party to their Chelsea apartment when she saw a text message on his phone that read, “Wish I was kissing you right now.”

When Jabbari snatched the phone out of his hands to see who sent the message, Majors “began grabbing the right side of Ms. Jabbari’s body and prying Ms. Jabbari’s right middle finger off the phone, causing bruising, swelling, and substantial pain,” per a 115-page legal filing obtained by Variety.

During testimony last week, Jabbari said she grabbed the phone and Majors twisted her arm behind her back, The Washington Post reports.

“Next I felt a really hard blow across my head,” she said.

“He’s very strong. I couldn’t move,” Jabbari continued. “It feels very loud when you’re hit in the head and just shocking.”

Jabbari, 30, testified that the “Creed III” star was volatile and controlling during their two years together. She also claimed he often threatened suicide after their fights.

“It felt like I was walking around on eggshells,” said Jabbari, according to The Washington Post. “I had to be perfect.”

Majors’ fits of rage ultimately led to him allegedly assaulting her in the backseat of a car in March.

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