Keith Lee may postpone food tour due to death threats

Keith Lee may postpone food tour due to death threats
Keith Lee, a well-known TikTok food critic, says he is getting death threats after evaluating many Atlanta soul food establishments.

According to, Lee stated he won't go back to Atlanta because "people there put a hit out on me" during an appearance on the "Ryan Cameron Uncensored" podcast.

With 18 million TikTok followers, Lee has garnered attention from prominent news programs, such as Inside Edtion, for his culinary reviews. He has evaluated restaurants such as Juci Jerk, The Real Milk & Honey, Lil Baby's The Seafood Menu, Atlanta Breakfast Club, and most recently, Kandi Burruss' "Old Lady Gang."

Owners of The Old Lady Gang in downtown Atlanta are Burruss and her spouse, Todd Tucker. According to Rolling Out, Lee gave an explanation for why his visit to the restaurant did not go well in a now-viral TikTok video.

"When my family and I arrived, we tried to place our orders online. We made three calls to the number they had provided on Yelp, but nobody picked up. When we went to place an order via DoorDash, it indicated that it was temporarily closed. I sent my family inside to place an order for us when we arrived. They said that they don't do any takeaway at all on the weekends because they are too busy.

Lee requested on Monday that his supporters cease threatening to kill patrons of a another Milk & Honey restaurant in Atlanta, which he did not visit, according to

In a video, he urged, "Specifically, don't leave hate to Milk & Honey; they didn't do anything."

Lee remarked, "I'm not at all with that." "It's so cheesy and unoriginal, no matter what restaurant I think of. That is not at all what we do here. You are not someone who watches me if you act in that way.

"Don't leave hate nowhere," he continued.

Meanwhile, Lee discussed his path to becoming a viral phenomenon in an interview with

Reaching 1.6 million required two years. I started doing comprehensive reviews every day during the three months it took me to reach 11 million, according to Lee. "I love to eat. I believe I have reintroduced natural foodies into the realm of culinary criticism. The majority of critics are well-respected individuals who visit just specific restaurants and locations. They alone remain in one certain specialty.
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