Rapper Magoo reportedly dead 50 years old

Rapper Magoo reportedly dead 50 years old
Magoo, best known as one half of Timbaland & Magoo, is said to have died. He had only been 50 years old.

On Sunday (August 13), Digital Black of the group Playa was the first to pay respect to the late rapper on his Instagram page.

(Pictured Above: Timbaland with Magoo(L)

"Man can't believe this RIP Magoo damn big bro wasnt ready for this at all #superfriends," he added.

Ginuwine also paid honor to the Norfolk, Virginia native (actual name Melvin Barcliff). "Things are tough, but we keep trying... I recently got some news that I hope isn't true..."I just want everyone to know that time is short, so love who you love and let them know," he posted on Sunday (August 13).

Timbaland and Magoo first met while they were kids and decided to form a rap group in 1989. Despite being best recognized for their single "Up Jumps Da Boogie," the duo published three albums and were arguably best renowned for their collaboration with Missy Elliott.

(Pictured above: Timbaland's Artists. Magoo far right.)

In 2021, Blackground Records and Empire Distribution collaborated to re-release the entire Timbaland & Magoo discography, including Timb's Tim's Bio: Life from the Basement LP, which was first released in 1998.

This distribution agreement enabled the catalogue to be published to streaming services, bringing it to a wider audience for the first time since the group's founding.

Magoo, too, was not a forgotten figure in Hip Hop, receiving his flowers in May 2020 (although at the expense of Timbaland, much to the dismay of the latter).

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