Ray J claims he’s ‘Suicidal’ after wild confrontation with Zeus Network CEO

Ray J claims he’s ‘Suicidal’ after wild confrontation with Zeus Network CEO

After nearly getting into a brawl with Zeus Network CEO Lemuel Plummer at the BET Awards on Sunday night, Ray J has declared himself suicidal.

According to Complex, Ray J refers to Plummer as the "Black Jeffrey Epstein" and says he is a sexual abuser of women. At a BET Awards After Party on June 30, he confronted Plummer, and the exchange was captured on tape. In the widely shared video, Ray J is seen trying to swing at Plummer while the two are having a heated discussion in front of a sizable gathering.

After they parted ways, Ray J walked to his truck and came back with a package. When he reached into the bag, others stepped in, presumably believing he was reaching for a weapon. Ray J was ultimately restrained and led to a vehicle so he could leave the property. Watch the YouTube video below to see the intense money.

According to TMZ, Ray J and the CEO of Zeus almost got into a brawl during GloRilla's BET Awards afterparty in Los Angeles.

Ray J revealed on social media on Monday that, following the intense altercation with Plummer, he's reached "a breaking point."

"I've reached a breaking point!" Written by Ray J. "My goal has always been to support my family and accumulate riches across generations. However, people are terrible and money is horrible, and I can no longer stand it. These series of events are the result of being bewildered by life in general and trapped in a false world! I was hurt by the things that occurred to me during the awards ceremony today. I went backstage to take a break while working, but for some reason, BET wouldn't allow me go back in. Who they didn't want me to see is unknown to me. It was peculiar.

The businessman and musician then apologized to his sister Brandy and said he was "suicidal."

"I'm heading out of the nation," Ray J said. "The level of depravity occurring is astounding." I'm feeling suicidal and uneasy with how I perceive reality. I agreed to shut up when they paid me to! I hate myself and I feel horrible about it! I WANT NOTHING MORE TO DO WITH YOUR UGLY MONEY! B4 as well! Or, regardless of the repercussions I must endure when I pass away, I swear to you that I will be free of everything and that everyone may move on with what is true for me after I die! LAST TIME, I Tried It for Real! I apologize to myself and my sister, Bran. I promise to make things right and I won't let them off the hook! I said to those who were close to me, "F*ck it, I said it, I felt like something was about to happen."

Ray J claims in Vibe that Plummer coerces women into having sex with him in return for a Zeus Network series appearance. In addition, he has vowed to sue Plummer.

"I possess the video. Ray J stated, "I have a lot of stuff that he's been doing," when he recently appeared on The Breakfast Club. "It's time to do what we're doing right now, which is to act lawfully."

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