Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt big farewell to 'Ken' on SNL

Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt big farewell to 'Ken' on SNL

This weekend, Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt utilized Taylor Swift to process their breakups with Ken and Kitty Oppenheimer during a musical “Saturday Night Live” monologue.

In his third time hosting the NBC comedy sketch show, Gosling discussed his forthcoming film “The Fall Guy” with Blunt before vowing not to make any “Barbie” jokes.

Before a long pause, Gosling stated, “Ken and I, we had to break up, we went too deep and it's over, so I'm not gonna talk about it.

I'll discuss it.

The actor said Swift's music is the only way to handle a breakup before singing a Ken-centric parody of “All Too Well” on a piano.
“If I said I was doing fine, you know I'd be lyin', ’cause I was just Ken and now I'm just Ryan,” Gosling sang in sunglasses and a fur coat.

Blunt interrupted her “The Fall Guy” co-star's performance to chastise him for not letting go of the role and then took action.

Before Blunt knocked him over with a bottle, Gosling sung, “I was there, bleach blonde hair, now it's time to wish Ken farewell.”

“That’s how this will go,” Blunt added.

“What the hell, Emily?” Gosling shouted.

As a stuntman, you can take a hit and appear cool, she remarked.

Stuntman, that's cool. You know who else would like that? Gosling said "Ken" before Blunt used a chair.

Gosling sparred with Blunt, whose film “Oppenheimer” competed with “Barbie” at the “Barbenheimer” box office last year, before she sang a Kitty-themed Swift song.

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