Tiffany Haddish plans to ‘Get Help’ after recent DUI arrest

Tiffany Haddish plans to ‘Get Help’ after recent DUI arrest

Friends and relatives are worried about Tiffany Haddish following her recent arrest for DUI.

Page Six was told by a source that Tiffany enjoys drinking and partying, but her pals have noticed that she drinks much more during the holidays. "We believe she might be lonely and disguising her feelings with a false smile."

According to the Beverly Hills Police Department, Haddish was taken into custody on Friday morning in Los Angeles on charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, as we had previously reported (via CNN). She was taken into custody and soon afterwards freed.

TMZ claims that the "Girls Trip" actress was discovered unconscious in her parked car with the engine running rather than having been in an accident.

The source told Page Six, "She has worked so hard to get to where she is, so it's surprising."

She has never shied away from discussing her struggles with homelessness, poverty, and living in her car. However, drinking is causing new demons to appear now that she has achieved the success she has always desired.

"We appreciate that she can put this behind her and use it as material for her comedic routine. However, we are worried," the insider said.

During a stand-up performance on Friday at the Laugh Factory in Long Beach, California, Haddish discussed the arrest.

When a viewer inquired about the event, Haddish humorously responded, "I had prayed to God to send me a man with a job, career, preferably in a uniform, and I answered my prayers," according to audio from the show that TMZ was able to obtain.

"This will never happen again," Haddish declared to Entertainment Tonight on Monday, adding that she would seek assistance.

She told the source, "I'm going to get some help so I can learn boundaries and balance."

When she was apprehended by the police, she said her Tesla had self-parked while she was asleep and had blocked a portion of the street.

According to CNN, Haddish fell asleep behind the wheel and was taken into custody in Peachtree City, Georgia, in 2022 on suspicion of driving under the influence.

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