What does Parlay mean?

It simply means GROWTH. Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, and Financially. Let one door open more doors. Let one opportunity create more opportunities. Let one dollar create more dollars. Take the little thing God gave you and grow it into something bigger.

The Colors

Purple, Teal, and Gold are the branded colors of Parlay. At times we may use a shade of one of these colors. The colors are symbolic of the brand's purpose and vision.

Purple represents creativity and the wonders of imagination, which is why purple is often used in magical and fantasy movies. It almost immediately forces you to tap into your imagination and creative spirit. Teal presents Peace, Relaxation, and it encourages Inner Thought. This is very important because Parlay is about growth. In order to grow, you must be stress free and focused. Gold is the color of success. No matter where it is, it stands out and it also illuminates everything around it, like the sun. On your journey to personal growth, it is our hope that your evolution will inspire others around you.

The Official Logo

While the atomic 'P' may be promoted in different color shades, surprisingly, it's not just a cool looking P. Look closely at it. The logo is divided into three sections. These sections represent: Purpose, Passion, and Prosperity. And we believe it all begins with Prayer.

The Butterfly

Most brands attach their vision to an animal or an object that is symbolic of their vision. Parlay uses the butterfly. You will often see it on our app and on our clothing products. It is naturally symbolic of growth. The butterfly is also a symbol of rebirth, since it goes through so many life cycles -- from larva to caterpillar to chrysallis and finally to a beautiful, flying butterfly. Like people, each butterfly develops it's own colors which are signs of individualism and evolution.

Our Slogan.

The Parlay Slogan, Go Get It, is powerful and progressive. It's a prompt to activate your goals and ambitions. It's a challenge to overcome fear and opposition but more importantly to reject doubt and pursue passion and purpose by any means necessary.

Launched: 2017 in New Orleans, LA