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Alzheimer's disease could be linked to an old medical procedure

Alzheimer's disease could be linked to an old medical procedure

A recent research concluded that decades-old medical treatments caused Alzheimer's.

The Nature Medicine study by University College London (UCL) researchers found major examples of the condition connected to growth hormone therapies.

Alzheimer's dementia impairs memory, thinking, and behavior. Risk factors include age, family history, certain medical problems, and poor lifestyle habits.

Patients who got c-hGH from dead pituitary glands are the subject of the current investigation.

Researchers observed that c-hGH increased brain amyloid-beta protein, which might induce Alzheimer's.

Five of eight youngsters who got the therapy developed dementia and Alzheimer's.

The study found that everyone started showing cognitive impairment signs between 38 and 55.

In a news statement, study author and UCL Institute of Prion Diseases researcher Dr. Gargi Banerjee said: "We observed that amyloid-beta pathology may be transferred and cause Alzheimer's disease.

"This transmission occurred following treatment with a now-obsolete form of growth hormone, and involved repeated treatments with contaminated material, often over several years."

Researchers stressed that the sickness cannot be spread via touch.

According to research main author and UCL Institute of Prion Diseases head Professor John Collinge, "There is no evidence that Alzheimer's disease may be spread via normal living or medical care.

"The patients we have described were given a specific and long-discontinued medical treatment that involved injecting patients with material now known to have been contaminated with disease-related proteins."

After being linked to a degenerative brain illness that causes dementia and death, the disease-causing medication was halted in 1985.

The researchers recommended using the data to prevent "accidental transmission via other medical or surgical procedures" in the future.

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