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Calisthenics can be done at home with little or no equipment at all

Calisthenics can be done at home with little or no equipment at all

Calisthenics is old. Calisthenics originates from the Greek terms for beauty (kallos) and power (sthenos). Greek Spartans conducted calisthenics in 480 BCE.

High-intensity calisthenics is done moderately without respite. Body weight workouts with little or no equipment are used.

Calisthenics work glutes and chest. They include basic activities like squats and pushups as well as more complex ones like pull-ups.

Calisthenics boosts strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Calisthenics provides several health advantages, say studies. A 2017 study indicated that eight weeks of calisthenics improved posture, strength, and BMI. A 2018 research revealed calisthenics exercise improved upper-body strength.

Calisthenics fitness is helpful for:

  • Home workouts—calisthenics may be done anywhere!
  • For those without equipment, calisthenics may be done using bodyweight.
  • Who wants more endurance.
  • People seeking muscular growth.
  • Those seeking metabolic enhancement.

Calisthenics workouts focus on lower-body pushing and pulling for 30–40 minutes. However, you may easily incorporate calisthenics into your training. They enhance HIIT and strength-training sessions.

Calisthenics every other day, like other strength exercise, helps build lean muscle and burn fat while allowing your muscles time to heal.

Watch this video for more technique...

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