Gayle King addresses concerns about fake weight loss posts on social media

Gayle King addresses concerns about fake weight loss posts on social media
Following the use of her voice and likeness by a fraudulent company to advertise a product, Gayle King is the most recent celebrity to caution fans against AI.

In an Instagram deepfake advertisement for Artipet, King's picture is altered. To market weight reduction services, the company employed an AI version of the journalist.

King warned her one million Instagram followers not to be duped by "AI videos" in a post to her followers.

According to CNET, King wrote, "I have NOTHING to do with this company, but people keep sending me this video and asking about this product." "On August 31, I uploaded this video to promote my radio show (swipe to view the original). However, they have altered both my voice and the video to give the impression that I am doing so. I've never used or heard of this product! Please don't let these AI videos trick you.

Additionally, Mr. Beast and Tom Hanks have criticized popular videos that show AI-generated copies of their likenesses in phony social media ads.

Many individuals are receiving this deepfake scam advertisement for me. Are social media sites equipped to deal with the increase in AI deepfakes? Mr. Beast posted on Twitter, formerly known as X.

A new advertisement that is making use of Hanks' deepfake visuals has been alerted to.

"Take Care" Posted on Instagram by Hanks. A dental plan is being promoted through a film that features an AI recreation of me. That is not related to me at all.

In related news, The Authors Guild has teamed up with a number of well-known writers to pursue a copyright infringement lawsuit against OpenAI.

According to the Daily Mail, OpenAI stated: "We respect the rights of authors and believe they should benefit from AI technology and are working to understand their concerns" in a statement to "Good Morning America."
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