Taylor Swift Donates $100K to the Family of Woman Killed at Chiefs Victory Parade

Taylor Swift Donates $100K to the Family of Woman Killed at Chiefs Victory Parade

Taylor Swift donated $100,000 early Friday morning to the family of Lisa Lopez-Galvan, who was slain in a mass shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs' championship celebration.

The "Elizabeth Lopez-Galvan Memorial" page was created Thursday afternoon to raise $75,000 for the 44-year-old gunshot victim's family. In the early hours of Friday morning, Swift donated $50,000 and then again eight minutes later, pushing the sum above the threshold. Around 1,300 individuals had donated.

Please accept my sincerest sympathy for your loss. Swift wrote, "Love, Taylor Swift."
After traveling halfway around the world to resume her tour after the Super Bowl, Swift is playing the first night of a three-night engagement in Melbourne, Australia. Around Australian showtime, contributions were made.

Swift's spokesperson told Variety that her page donations were real.

"This fund has been set up to benefit the family of Lisa Lopez-Galvan," states the GoFundMe website. Lisa was slain while enjoying the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory parade. Her 22-year-old husband and two children outlive her. She was a wonderful mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend. Please keep her family in your prayers as we sorrow her death. Her family will need financial support from this charity during this unfathomable catastrophe. Any sum is welcomed."

Lopez-Galvan died Wednesday when a bullet hit her abdomen during turmoil. Later accounts stated that she died at the site, not after surgery.

Lopez-Galvan co-hosted "Taste of Tejano," a Latin music program on community radio station KKFI, in addition to DJing weddings, the Kansas City Star reported.

Lopez-Galvan was the only death in the violence that followed a gathering celebrating the Chiefs' Bowl win. Police arrested two kids in the horrific shootings Thursday.

Lopez-Galvan's 20-year-old son, Marc, was one of the gunshot victims and was released from the hospital. Two distant relatives also suffered injuries. The victim's adolescent daughter Adriana was present but not struck.

Swift flew to the U.S. between weekend stays in Tokyo and Melbourne to cheer on beau Travis Kelce at the Super Bowl.

GoFundMe upped its maximum donation restriction from $15,000 to $50,000 in 2015 after Swift had to make repeated donations to accomplish her goal. Swift reportedly sought to gift $50,000 to Naomi Oakes, an 11-year-old leukemia patient who used "Bad Blood" as her battle song. Swift had to pay the maximum on GoFundMe in four installments, changing the site's guidelines. Swift donated $100k in installments due to the limit.

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