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All you need to know about Dallas, TX Pastor Freddie Haynes, III

Dallas megachurch pastor and social change advocate Frederick D. Haynes III will succeed Rev. Jesse Jackson as Rainbow PUSH Coalition chairman in Chicago.

Jackson, 81, established Operation PUSH in 1971. The Civil Rights Group united with the National Rainbow Coalition in 1996.

On July 8, Jackson, who has struggled with health, announced his resignation. His resignation address was given Saturday at the group's annual conference.

Haynes, 62, “a long-time student of Rev. Jackson and supporter” is now under scrutiny. Haynes is best known as the lead pastor of southern Dallas' 13,000-member Friendship-West Baptist Church.

Haynes goes beyond Christian leadership. His decades of social justice leadership in Dallas encompass scholarship and campaigning.

In response to Jim Crow bigotry, Haynes' father moved his family to San Francisco from Dallas. His father pastored the renowned Third Baptist Church, which promoted social reform.

Frederick D. Haynes Sr. died when Haynes was 14 and ready to enroll at Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco, where he graduated valedictorian.

Although Friendship-West Baptist Church had less than 100 members, Haynes accepted the offer to become senior pastor in 1983. His 40 years in the post have helped the church grow to thousands of members.

Haynes led Friendship-West Baptist through three moves before settling on Wheatland Road in 2006.

Haynes reduced crime and violence in Oak Cliff after the church moved to Kiest Boulevard. Haynes worked with local law police and neighborhood organizations to change the region, according to his church's history.

Haynes has fought predatory lending nationwide and in Texas with the Center for Responsible Lenders.

Haynes attended multiple White House gatherings to address voting rights and the economy during the Obama administration.

Haynes also launched the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference in 2003, a national religion leader and activist group battling local and global injustice.

Haynes was an adjunct lecturer at Dallas' historically Black Paul Quinn College, where he now serves on the board.

He has led his congregation to contribute over $1 million to historically Black colleges. Friendship-West has given Dallas students almost $2 million in scholarships.

Haynes co-founded Friendship-West's THR!VE Intern and Leadership Program for 16–19-year-old Black teens. Students get coaching and professional growth.

Haynes is renowned for his ministry and social justice and civil rights advocacy.

He received the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Leadership Award in Community Service from President Joe Biden last year and was inducted into the International Civil Rights Walk of Fame in 2016.

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