Ch 3: Never Enough

Mary Anne Wellington stood in the dimly lit hallway of her family's farmhouse, the strains of laughter and music drifting from the living room where her sister Meredith's cheerleading victory party was in full swing. It was just another reminder of how different she and Meredith were, and how overlooked Mary Anne often felt in her own family.

Science Fair

Growing up, it seemed that Meredith was always the center of attention. With her bubbly personality and natural charm, she effortlessly captured the spotlight, leaving Mary Anne to linger in the shadows of her sister's glow. No matter what Mary Anne accomplished, it never seemed to be enough to garner the same level of praise and adoration as Meredith received.

One such occasion was the day Mary Anne won first place in the school Science Fair. She had poured her heart and soul into her project, spending countless hours in the makeshift laboratory she had set up in the family's barn. When she proudly presented her findings to her parents, they offered polite words of praise, but their attention quickly turned back to Meredith's latest cheerleading practice.

But it was the night Meredith made the cheerleader squad that truly drove home the disparity in their parents' treatment. While Mary Anne received a half-hearted congratulations, their father went all out, throwing a lavish party at the house to celebrate Meredith's achievement. The living room was filled with friends, family, and teammates, all gathered to toast Meredith's success.

As Mary Anne watched from the sidelines, a bitter taste filled her mouth. It wasn't that she wasn't happy for her sister's accomplishments, but rather the stark realization that no matter what she did, she would never measure up in her parents' eyes. From that moment on, Mary Anne began to withdraw from her family, retreating into the solace of her own thoughts and pursuits.

Total Opposite Personalities

Unlike Meredith, who effortlessly embodied the ideal image of femininity with her cheerleading uniform and perfectly styled hair, Mary Anne was a tomboy at heart. She found solace in the simplicity of the outdoors, spending hours exploring the fields and woods that surrounded their farmhouse, far away from the prying eyes and expectations of her family.

Meredith had no intention of staying on their family's farm after High School. She really didn't care about the family business, the animals, or the school they attended. She hated the town with a passion and often reminded everyone that she was moving to Chicago after High School to become a fashion model.

She only cared about the attention she received from everyone in town. In fact, she was a terrible cheerleader but because she was pretty and popular, people looked over the fact that she couldn't even do a toe-touch.

As she stood alone in the hallway, the sounds of Meredith's party fading into the distance, Mary Anne couldn't help but feel a pang of sadness. She longed for the day when she would be seen and appreciated for who she truly was, but until then, she would continue to carve out her own path, one that belonged to her and her alone.

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