Ch 4: Wedding Disaster

On her wedding day, Mary Anne stood at the altar, her heart fluttering with nervous anticipation as she awaited the moment she would exchange vows with the love of her life. Surrounded by family and friends, she had dreamed of this day for as long as she could remember, but little did she know, her wedding day would be marred by the presence of her sister, Meredith.

Stumbling In Drunk

As the ceremony began, Mary Anne's eyes searched the crowd for Meredith, but she was nowhere to be found. Minutes stretched into eternity as the guests whispered amongst themselves, their curiosity piqued by Meredith's absence. And then, just as Mary Anne began to worry that her sister wouldn't show, Meredith stumbled into the church, her disheveled appearance and the unmistakable scent of alcohol causing heads to turn.

Mary Anne's heart sank as Meredith staggered down the aisle, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. Before Mary Anne could react, Meredith made a beeline for the nearest bathroom, the sound of retching echoing off the walls. Even on her wedding day, it seemed that Meredith's needs took precedence over everything else.

As Mary Anne's father rushed to tend to Meredith, she felt a pang of disappointment wash over her. It was supposed to be her father walking her down the aisle, but in that moment, he was more concerned with his wayward daughter than with his own flesh and blood.

Center Stage

The ceremony continued, but the joy that should have filled Mary Anne's heart was overshadowed by the lingering presence of her troubled sister. And when it came time for the reception, Meredith's behavior only served to further dampen the festivities.

As the guests gathered to raise their glasses in a toast to the newlyweds, Meredith seized the opportunity to take center stage once again. But instead of offering words of love and support for her sister, Meredith launched into a rambling speech that was little more than a thinly veiled ode to herself.

It began with Meredith insisting that Mary Anne's husband would have to teach her how to use her vagina because she 'doesn't have much experience.' The room flooded with awws. Meredith continued by telling everyone how she knew Mary Anne would end up marrying a nerd because she has always been 'nerdy and geeky'. The guests became very uncomfortable.

The Drunk Solo

Mary Anne's mother-in-law stood up and grabbed the microphone. She told Meredith, "That's enough!" Staggering and holding on to the edge of the table in which the bridal party was seated, Meredith began singing a Cyndi Lauper song. The people murmured, and the mic squeaked as she yelled out her off pitch notes "If you're lost, you can look, and you will find me... Time After Time..."

The tension in the room was palpable as Mary Anne's patience reached its breaking point. With tears in her eyes, she confronted Meredith in front of their friends and family, her voice trembling with anger and hurt.

"Meredith, this is my wedding day," Mary Anne cried, her words laced with frustration. "Can't you see that this is supposed to be about me? I've had enough of your selfishness. I want you to stay out of my life forever."

The words hung in the air, a bitter reminder of the rift that had grown between them over the years. And as Mary Anne turned away, her heart heavy with sorrow, she knew that their relationship would never be the same again. From that day forward, she would forge her own path, leaving behind the shadow of her troubled sister once and for all.

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