Ch 5: Red Bottoms

As the years passed, the chasm between Meredith and Mary Anne widened, their once-close bond eroded by the weight of their differences and the wounds of past betrayals.

Money Runs Out

Mary Anne had moved away with her husband and children, carving out a life of her own far from the shadow of her troubled sister. With her passion for biology, Mary Anne found success, her groundbreaking research earning her accolades in her field.

Meanwhile, Meredith's life took a different trajectory. Her impulsive nature led her down a path of reckless investments, and before long, she found herself mired in financial ruin. Desperate for a lifeline, Meredith turned to her parents, borrowing money to stave off bankruptcy. But even their resources were not enough to stem the tide of her financial woes.

When tragedy struck and their mother succumbed to breast cancer, their father was left adrift, consumed by grief and struggling to cope with the loss. It was Mary Anne who stepped in to offer support, both emotionally and financially, as she watched her father's once-thriving bottled water company teeter on the brink of collapse.


Despite her efforts to help her father, Mary Anne couldn't shake the feeling that her presence was merely a consolation prize, a distraction from the real problem at hand: Meredith's incessant need for financial assistance. While Mary Anne tended to her father's needs, he remained fixated on Meredith, funneling what little resources he had left into bailing her out of one financial disaster after another.

Meredith had to have red bottom shoes because she said those kind of shoes completed her business attire. She had to drive a Maserati because she insisted the car was great on fuel and it would help her save money when she traveled. She had to live in the River North area because she claimed most of her appointments were in that area.

She didn't carry just any purse. It had to be a Brahmin and she couldn't carry the same Brahmin every day. Her bag MUST match her outfit. All this would be fine and dandy had she purchased these overpriced luxuries with her own money.

The Truth Comes Out

It wasn't until Mary Anne stumbled upon the truth that she realized the full extent of Meredith's deceit. Her sister's insatiable appetite for money had driven her to borrow from distant family members, spinning a web of lies that left her estranged from those who had once been closest to her.

Heartbroken and disillusioned, Mary Anne confronted Meredith, her words a mix of anger and sorrow. "How could you do this to Dad? To our family?" she demanded, her voice trembling with emotion. "You've taken advantage of his kindness for far too long."

But Meredith's response was cold and unrepentant. "I did what I had to do to survive," she replied, her eyes devoid of remorse. "If you can't understand that, then maybe you should stay out of my business."

With a heavy heart, Mary Anne realized that the sister she had once known as a little kid was gone, replaced by a stranger consumed by greed and desperation for attention. As she turned away, she knew that their relationship could never be repaired, leaving behind the shattered remnants of a bond that had once been unbreakable.

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