Ch 7: The Big Decision

The elevator doors slid open with a soft chime, revealing the plush surroundings of the lawyer's office on the 65th floor of the towering Chicago skyscraper. Meredith and Mary Anne stepped into the opulent space, their eyes widening in awe at the sheer luxury that surrounded them. Both ladies were attempting to regroup their appearance before the attorney walked in the room.

The Law Office

The lawyer's office was a testament to his success, with sleek marble floors, towering floor-to-ceiling windows offering panoramic views of the city below, and exquisite artwork adorning the walls. Plush leather chairs were arranged around a gleaming mahogany desk, where the lawyer himself sat, waiting to deliver the news that would change the sisters' lives forever.

As they settled into their seats, the lawyer entered and wasted no time in getting down to business. He produced a small tablet from his desk and tapped a few buttons, causing a video to appear on the screen.

The sisters watched in rapt silence as their father's face filled the screen, his voice echoing through the room as he delivered his final message to his daughters. He spoke of his love for them, his pride in their accomplishments, and his hopes for their future.

And then, the moment they had been dreading arrived. Their father revealed his intentions for the family business, Well Water, and the shares he had bequeathed to them. But there was a catch—a condition that would force the sisters to confront their fractured relationship once and for all.

Father's Demands

"I am leaving all my shares of Well Water to Mary Anne because I know she will take good care of my lifework. However, I would like to see both my daughters run the company with equal ownership. If Mary Anne feels her sister Meredith is ready for this responsibility, I will leave it to her to make that decision," said their father on the huge screen on the wall.

Their father's words hung heavy in the air as the video came to an end, leaving the sisters to grapple with the weight of his legacy and the decision that lay before them.

The lawyer turned to Mary Anne, his expression expectant. "What is your decision, Mary Anne?" he asked, his voice soft but firm.

Mary Anne took a moment to gather her thoughts, her gaze drifting to her sister beside her. She knew that this decision would shape the course of their future, and she couldn't afford to make a mistake.

Who's The Boss?

After what seemed like an eternity, Mary Anne finally spoke, her voice steady despite the turmoil raging inside her. "I will run Well Water with my sister," she declared, her words ringing out with determination.

Meredith's eyes widened in surprise, a flicker of hope igniting in her heart as she looked to her sister. For the first time in years, she allowed herself to believe that maybe, just maybe, they could rebuild the bond that had once united them.

And as the lawyer nodded in approval, the weight of their father's legacy pressing down upon them, Meredith and Mary Anne shared a tentative smile, knowing that whatever challenges lay ahead, they would face them together as sisters once more.

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