10 year-old shot by friend after a bike race

10 year-old shot by friend after a bike race

The mother of a 10-year-old child who shot and killed her son after losing a bike race is speaking out in California.

Brittani Frierson, the boy's mother, told NBC News, “I screamed for hours after I saw my child on that ground, because I could just see that he had no chance.” “I just knew my child was gone.”

The incident happened Saturday afternoon near Foothill Farms, 16 miles northeast of Sacramento. The juvenile murderer shot Keith “KJ” Frierson with a stolen pistol from Dad's vehicle.

The heartbroken mother claimed another youngster informed her the gunman grew enraged after losing the bike race and stormed off, returning with a pistol. Frierson said he shot KJ in the neck.

The child “took a gun from inside the vehicle and bragged that his father had a gun,” the sheriff added. “He then shot the victim once and ran into a nearby apartment.”

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Office claimed the shooter's father, Arkete Davis, 53, tried to throw the gun in a garbage can. After the shooting, the guy and his underage child were arrested.

According to jail records, Davis was detained on suspicion of felonious possession, criminal storage, carrying a stolen loaded handgun in a vehicle, child endangerment, and accessory to a crime after the fact.

Frierson claimed her son and the gunman were buddies, making this situation tragic.

She alleges the suspect's father was “careless” with a gun.

“For you to be so careless, to have something like that — a gun — easily accessible to your 10-year-old child, it just says a lot about you,” Frierson said of Davis.

The mother was informed by the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office that the youngster suspected of murdering KJ will not be charged.

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