A Michigan police officer stopped an unruly driver and ended up rescuing a baby who was choking.

A Michigan police officer stopped an unruly driver and ended up rescuing a baby who was choking.

In reality, the Michigan policeman who pulled over the reckless driver on Tuesday was saving the life of an 18-month-old infant who was choking. The incident was recorded on the police car's dashcam. Policeman Brenden Fraser works in Warren, Michigan, a city that is located about 20 miles north of Detroit.

During rush hour Tuesday, he was stopping someone for reckless driving when he came to a distraught lady in the passenger seat of a Camaro holding a young infant in her lap. According to Fraser in a video of the event, the vehicle was traveling at a pace of roughly 75 or 80 mph when the posted limit was 45 mph.

The infant boy was in his mother's lap as she cried, "We've got a baby in here dying." According to FOX 2 Detroit, her brother was the one behind the wheel.
Fraser can be seen in the video rushing to the Camaro's driver's side after exiting his police car. He notices what's happening and reaches inside to grasp the infant, who seems limp.

According to FOX 2 Detroit, the infant's lips were bluish and his pulse was hardly detectable. Fraser described the incident in a video, saying, "I put him on my forearm and administered a few back blows to him." I don't know what it was, but saliva sort of regurgitated out onto my arm.

According to him, preserving the baby was not as essential to him as comforting the infant's mother and uncle. He attempts to comfort the mother by saying, "He's breathing," in the video. They are no longer blue.

The young patient was sent to the hospital for care. According to the television station, he is doing fine. Social media users in a Facebook group for police scanners complimented the officer for his quick judgment.

One Facebook user commented, "You are fantastic. "You were very composed and not just saved the baby. Great work!"

Fraser advised anyone who encounters such a situation to dial 911 and let the professionals handle it in order to stop further accidents or casualties. He also offered some words of wisdom to his fellow officers.

"Just rely on your education and what you have practiced repeatedly."

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