Chicago news crew gets robbed while reporting on robbery spree

Chicago news crew gets robbed while reporting on robbery spree
Three armed guys wearing ski masks approached a Chicago television news crew at gunpoint as they were reporting on a recent wave of thefts in the city.

The video crew, which included a reporter and photographer for Spanish-language network Univision Chicago, was stolen of their camera and other equipment early on Monday morning while filming in Chicago's West Town neighborhood, according to Wisconsin State Journal.

"They were robbed after being accosted with guns. According to Luis Godinez, vice president of news at Univision Chicago, "mostly it was personal belongings, and they took a camera.

Godinez claimed that the team was documenting a report on robberies in the neighborhood. The video they shot was on the stolen camera, and the story was never featured on the morning news.

Police reported that a gray vehicle and a black SUV were used by the three criminals to approach the television team. They escaped in their cars after the heist.

According to Chicago police spokesman Kellie Bartoli, "the offenders then took the victims' belongings before returning to the vehicles and driving off southbound."

The victims, two men in their 20s and 40s, were unharmed. TelevisaUnivision is keeping their identities confidential in order to respect their privacy.

According to Luis Godinez, local vice president of news for Univision Chicago, "gratefully, the crew is safe," he said to USA TODAY on Tuesday.

TV photographers in Chicago are the subject of a warning from Local 41 of the National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians about rising safety problems.

"Informing our community is a very vital public duty that our news writers and photographers perform. According to the union local's president, Raza Siddiqui, "We are dedicated to making sure that their safety comes first."

According to Bartoli, no arrests have been made as of yet in the case, which is still being investigated.
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