16-Year-Old girl who fatally stabbed other teen after McDonald's dispute was jumped before the attack

16-Year-Old girl who fatally stabbed other teen after McDonald's dispute was jumped before the attack
A Maryland youngster is being imprisoned in a juvenile detention facility in Washington, D.C., and is being prosecuted on a number of counts in connection with the murder of another teen outside a nearby McDonald's.

According to police, the argument was apparently about sweet-and-sour sauce. Naima Liggon, the victim's 16-year-old mother, described the death as "senseless."

Due to his age, the suspect, who is 16 years old, is not being named, is accused of second-degree murder while carrying a weapon, assault with the intent to kill while carrying a weapon, and other offenses in connection with the fatal stabbing that took place in Northwest D.C. on August 27.

Naima suffered stab wounds to her chest and abdomen, according to the police.

Law officials later located the suspect at 14th and U streets Northwest, a few blocks from the shooting scene.

Naima's mother, Joy Liggon, stated, "I can't understand how any type of a fight, whether it's over sweet-and-sour sauce or any other topic, could result in a murder," according to WTOP.

Police describe the events that preceded the stabbing. The two adolescents met up with three more girls at the Birchwood Recreation Center in Oxon Hill, Maryland, according to an initial inquiry, with the intention of heading to a party on Saturday, Aug. 26.

The gang proceeded to a McDonald's for a late-night snack after leaving the party.

Naima and the suspect got into a fight inside the car about sweet-and-sour sauce. The argument started in the backseat of the car and grew until it spilled out onto the street.

A suspect's attorney claimed that the girl acted in self-defense. The suspect, who has no past criminal record, claims that before stabbing the victim, Naima and another female had been beating her up in the car.

A detective working the case cited witness testimony and video footage from security cameras to describe the incident. According to those stories, Naima was stabbed during the confrontation on the sidewalk and then again when attempting to get back into the car by the other female, who was using the 7 1/2-inch knife.

The driver and two passengers in the car quickly drove Naima to Howard University Hospital, where she eventually passed away from her wounds, leaving the suspect on the side of the road.

The suspect was apparently recognized by the other girls.

According to the video, Naima and another girl started striking a 16-year-old who at first did not respond, according to Detective Brendan Jasper, who stated this at a hearing in D.C. Superior Court on Monday.

The young person needs to be disciplined, but Naima's mother claimed she doesn't want to ruin her life.

Liggon stated, "I do want there to be some justice for my child, but I also don't want to... see multiple families destroyed by this.

Currently detained at the D.C. Youth Services Center, the suspect is preparing for her hearing to determine her detention status, which is scheduled for September 1, 2023.
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