GoFundMe responds to petition to stop Trump's fundraiser to pay $355M Fine

GoFundMe responds to petition to stop Trump's fundraiser to pay $355M Fine

GoFundMe responds to questions about Donald Trump's fundraising violating their guidelines.

Since debut, it has generated over $500k to help the wealthy businessman pay down his $355 million New York fraud trial fine.

After a New York judge fined Trump $355 million for illegally misrepresenting his assets in financial papers, MAGA fans started soliciting donations on GoFundMe.

Elena Cardone, wife of real estate magnate Grant Cardone, started the website, which has raised over $500,000. Several people on social media called out GoFundMe for violating their guidelines. Some posted screenshots of the company's terms of service to highlight their grievances.

After the calls, corporate head of public affairs Jalen Drummond told Newsweek, "This fundraiser is currently within our terms of service."

The fundraiser might continue, allowing more MAGA fans to donate to the embattled billionaire and business magnate.

Despite its success, an analyst said the fundraising won't even cover the fine's interest.

It's remarkable because it raised less than $0.5m in three days. That won't cover his interest "Dr. Mark Shanahan, University of Surrey American politics lecturer, said the news source.

He continued, "If Trump's attorneys can persuade the courts to return his cases to court, he would still have to deposit much of what he owes in escrow. He'll need more than loyal MAGAs to satisfy the court."

New York requires Trump to pay 9% interest on the damages. A pre-trial order states that the fee "will continue to increase every single day" unless Trump complies.

Trump criticized Judge Arthur Engoron and Attorney General Letitia James on his Truth social channels after the verdict. He termed Engoron "crooked" and James "corrupt."

He called the ruling a "unAmerican judgment against" him, his family, and his "tremendous business," adding that "radicals are doing all they can to kick" him out.

In another tweet, he called the judgment "election interference" and "witch hunting."

MAGA fans called out Engoron and James on social media, along with Trump.

"Letitia James weaponized her Office and collaborated with Bidens WhiteHouse to make sure Democrat Activist Judge Erdogan weaponized the Court System," a source stated.

Zero victim. No crime. Someone said, "This instance requires warped Tooth Fairy economics.

Another MAGA supporter added, "The Trump case, trial, and verdict are bullshit. Complete sham!"

Trump has stated that he will appeal the ruling, halting any fine payment until the appeal is resolved.

He will appear in court next month for reportedly paying hush money to former Playboy model Karen McDougal and adult film star Stormy Daniels during his 2016 presidential campaign.

The Stormy Daniels trial will determine if the ex-president may run in 2024.

The prosecution has already accused Trump of fabricating records to disguise payments, which violates election law.

However, legal analysts say the presidential candidate will admit concealing payments. Trump would say that the objective was to hide the affairs from Melania, not to prevent his opponents from discrediting him.

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