Maryland police attempt to detain a paralyzed man in a viral video

Maryland police attempt to detain a paralyzed man in a viral video

Following the release of two graphic videos showing them holding a Black man who was paralyzed, causing him to tumble out of his automobile and settle on the ground, Maryland deputies have come under fire. According to sources, the officers reacted before confirming his identity because they thought he was a different suspect.

Outrage has been generated by the two widely shared videos of the incident that the man's wife captured on her iPhone. Especially after she can be heard pleading with the police to take her husband's condition into consideration.

With the description, "Does anyone know a lawyer in Charles County, Maryland?," the video was posted to TikTok. They handled my husband, who is crippled, in this manner. The whole thing took about ten minutes. The deputy added, "I'll need you to come out so I can talk to you."

In response, the man said, "No issue. I'm immobilized; do you expect me to simply emerge? and asked to have his wheelchair taken out of his car.

The man seems cool and obedient to the officer's commands during their first exchange, even requesting him to assist him in getting out of the car.

The petition is dismissed by the officer.

Seated in his automobile, the driver tries to open the door. The deputy assists the man, but he falls to the ground, seemingly unaware that he truly has no control over his body.

What's the "suspect" thinking? Are you going to drag?

“He’s paralyzed, he can’t walk, he’s a paraplegic,” cries his distraught wife.
The deputy and another police try to pick him up and place him on the ground for a little while as he falls. The officer's apparent lack of knowledge regarding how to manage the arrest of a person who is unable to walk astounds the man.

The man replies, "Why y'all set me on the ground, though?" The principal responds, "We trying to help you out."

He is eventually assisted by the officers, who hoist him back into his car and give his wheelchair to his wife. While the case is being investigated, she places the wheelchair by the side of the road.

He claims that they are treating him in a "f##ked up" manner.

"You understand why it's messed up? He remarked, "You can figure out how to do things better by talking to someone."

When the man asks the officers if their cameras are on, he finds out that they only have cameras in their patrol cars and not on their bodies. He then requests the name and badge number of the lead cop.

The man requests the officers to clarify what he did because he has no concept what is happening. He is informed that they believe he fits the description of the suspect and wish to hold him while they look into a crime that has occurred in the neighborhood.

They have the wrong person, the wife assured them. On the video, the officers are seen handcuffing the man as he is in his wheelchair, in spite of the couple's protests.

The video never ends, and eventually it shows the officers going back to the man and his wife, admitting they mistook his identification and saying they were sorry for "the inconvenience" while taking off his handcuffs.

There is currently no information available regarding the couple's behavior following the publication of the films.

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