North Korea to Expel U.S. Soldier Travis King Who Crossed Border Illegally

North Korea to Expel U.S. Soldier Travis King Who Crossed Border Illegally
On Wednesday, North Korea declared that Travis King, the American soldier who over the border while on a private visit to a border region, would be banished.

As previously reported by, King, 32, deliberately "bolted" across the border a few days after being released from a South Korean prison on July 10.

The state-run news organization KCNA reportedly stated that King will be "expelled" at a later date, as reported by NBC News.

As previously reported by CNN, King's whereabouts are still unknown as North Korea has not commented on his defection.

According to CNN, "Court documents showed that Private King, who is thought to be the first US soldier to enter North Korea since 1982, had a history of assault, was scheduled to return to the US the day before the incident, and was facing disciplinary action over his conduct." The soldier was scheduled to be administratively separated from the US Army, an army official told CNN.

"I only want my son returned." Bring my boy home. Pray and get my son home. Claudine Gates, King's mother, had earlier advised reporters to "pray that he comes back."

Myron Gates, the uncle of Travis King, claimed that following the death of Gates's 6-year-old cousin in February, King began acting erratically.

Gates told NBC News, "He's still grieving, and that had a lot to do with what he did."

"During the time my son was on life support and after his death... Travis became irrational and insane when he realized my son was going to die.

Gate stated, "It looked like he was breaking down," to the Daily Beast. Travis felt the brunt of it. since he was unable to be present. He was serving abroad in the Army.

According to a statement from North Korea, King acknowledged that he had "illegally intruded" into their country. According to NBC News, he reportedly informed authorities about his "bad feelings over inhumane treatment" and racial prejudice in the U.S. Army.
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