Owner of Beauty Supply closes store after choking Black Woman in Viral Video

Owner of Beauty Supply closes store after choking Black Woman in Viral Video

A South London beauty supply store owner was forced to liquidate his business after a video of him strangling a Black woman patron went viral.

I'm now broke and relying on loans from friends and relatives to make ends meet. The situation is growing worse by the day, 45-year-old Sohail Sindho said to MyLondon.

Following the events on September 11, in which he was seen aggressively abusing a 31-year-old lady who was suspected of attempting to steal merchandise from the business, Sindho was compelled to sell his Peckham Hair and Cosmetics store.

The woman requested a refund for her three wigs, as reported by MadameNoire, but Sindho said he told the customer there were no returns. The woman attempted to leave the beauty supply store with more merchandise despite Sindho's purported offer of store credit. When he seized the woman's neck and choked her, the store owner was merely attempting to arrest her.

Everyone has the right to protect their property if someone is stealing. I acted in self-defense if you view the recordings," Sindho said to MyLondon. "I had the right to do these actions. People should file a complaint against me with the police if I've done something wrong so they can come and hold me responsible.

The Black female customer is seen being prevented from leaving the store by Sindho in the widely shared video. Then he caught her by the throat and gave her a brief chokehold.

They informed her that she could not have a refund when she asked for one. Thus, a witness who recorded the incident told MyLondon, "she went to the shop and told them that if you're not going to get my refund, I want to get what I'm supposed to get for my money." "The guy shoved her when she attempted to leave the store. After pushing her away, he become hostile.

Sindho says that when the video became viral, he lost everything. Protesters outside the store have him and his kids holed up "in the countryside," asking that he be held responsible.For a month now, my kids haven't had a warm supper. They have been consuming chocolate and toast with jam," he remarked.

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