Paint Plant causes major explosion in Garland, TX

Paint Plant causes major explosion in Garland, TX
Garland Fire Department crews are still working on hot spots in a big fire at a paint company.

Several units were dispatched to the Sherwin-Williams paint plant in Garland after a huge fire and explosion. Just before 1:30 a.m., 911 received calls reporting explosions.

Ultimately, 16 units rushed to the scene within minutes and designated it a 2-alarm fire, but it was suppressed within an hour and a half.

"All you see is the sky just keeps lighting up this bright fiery red-orange, it was scary," one witness remarked. "You could almost smell it. That's how it smelled if you know what paint smells like when you're painting a house."

According to the fire brigade, individuals in the area noticed a strong chemical odor during the incident.

According to officials, one employee was injured and was treated on the site. The extent of their injuries is unknown. The remaining employees were evacuated and found safe.

While the fire was being put out, a hazardous materials team began preliminary air quality testing at the site and in neighboring neighborhoods. According to GFD, the testing results showed that an evacuation of the surrounding area was not required.

During the fire, no firefighters were wounded.

Residents living near the plant described hearing terrifying booms that jolted them awake. Witnesses reported hearing explosions as far away as Firewheel Town Center, about five miles north of the factory.

"I heard a loud boom followed by a series of loud booms." I lost count after more than 15. And large bellows of smoke emerging from the facility," said Jim Norris, a neighbor who has lived nearby for approximately 20 years. "You could feel the heat from the fire right here at the corner."

During the fire, residents and passersby wore masks out of concern.

"We were at the light right here, and I was nosy." It was blindingly brilliant orange, and I couldn't see anything. "I couldn't breathe," witness Breann Terry said.

According to James Dugger, public information officer for the Garland Fire Department, hazmat technicians from the Richardson Fire Department have been dispatched to monitor the air quality. The Garland health and water departments were also informed to monitor the plant's water outflow.

"At this time, there are no air quality warnings for residents." If they smell something, they can contact the non-emergency number or stay inside but avoid the area at all costs," Dugger explained. "The fire department responds to a wide range of incidents." Although we don't typically respond like this, the boys are ready for it."

Monday morning was spent primarily concentrating on hot spots. Garland Police have also responded to assist with traffic closures.

Garland's facility is located at 701 South Shiloh Road. The factory is also located at 3605 Forest Lane. The area immediately surrounding the facility on Shiloh Road is restricted to traffic, but the route through Forest Lane is open.

The fire's origin is still being investigated. As a result, the city is recommending that the public stay away from the area. According to the city, air and stormwater quality are top considerations for residents. If the testing reveals any dangers, the affected region will be alerted immediately.
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