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Parlay NFL Picks

Purdy will prove why he is 'The Man'!

People have doubted Brock Purdy all season. Yet, time and time again he goes out there and proves why he was the perfect choice for the 49ers. This weekend, expect Purdy to prove, once again, why he is 'The Man'. On the other side, Baltimore will face their toughest opponent but we don't see anything changing. The football 'gods' have touched Lamar Jackson this season and they are all in agreement. He will put on a show against Mahomes & Co. 

Our Parlay Picks are in BOLD.

Game 1 

(7) DETROIT vs (1) SAN FRAN - San Francisco

 Jan 28, 5:30PM CST

 Game 2

(1) BALTIMORE vs (3) DETROIT - Baltimore

 Jan 28, 2:00PM CST


Parly Picks are curated by Jimmy Bilbo, Parlay All Sports Matter Chief Executive Director.

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