Beaucoup Eats: All that and then some...

Beaucoup Eats: All that and then some...

Beaucoup Eats is a Mid-City New Orleans neighborhood eatery serving up Creole Comfort Cuisine with full service catering & ready to eat meals. We offer authentic New Orleans’s classic flavors in a modern healthier rendition. At Beaucoup, we believe in supporting our community and strive to source our ingredients fresh, seasonal and locally from farmers & our neighborhood-friendly gardens. We focus on sourcing responsibly & minimizing waste, while maintaining the traditional flavors our community loves.

Stop on by and get a taste of our Top Notch Po-boys & The Fan Favorite Wings. The catfish is addictive and the Vegan Stuffed Pepper is to die for. We provide many vegetarian and vegan options that can hold their own against any traditional creole comfort favorite. So, come for the Crawfish Bread & take a sip of homemade fresh fruit lemonades cause we know you’ll stay for the NOLA LOVE.

“Taste What’s Good” at Beaucoup Eats!

Beaucoup Eats

2331 Canal St. New Orleans, LA



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