Broad & Banks Seafood: A Mid-City favorite for a reason...

Broad & Banks Seafood: A Mid-City favorite for a reason...

There is a reason why Broad & Banks Seafood has a line at any hour of any day. It's a New Orleans favorite and if you're visiting the city, it's worth a 5-minute drive outside of the French Quarter. Don't let the corner store appearance fool you. The restaurant is inside the store, and it is consistently a local favorite.

It's a Mid-City treasure, known for quick take-out dishes where you get waaay more for your money than contemporary restaurants. One of the best spots in New Orleans for Gumbo. A reasonable size bowl is only $8.

Fried Fish and Shrimp is served up daily and the fish are so big the server can't even close the plate. Many times, they have to tie rubber bands around the plate to keep them closed because their fish are so huge!

Red Beans & Rice are a Monday thing in New Orleans, but you can get your serving any day of the week and the portion you get is HUGE! One plate is really enough to feed two people. 

Broad & Banks also serves up a variety of Vietnamese dishes. If that's not enough there is also a variety of Soul Food options. There is only one place that the residents know is good for Soul Food, Seafood, Asian Food, and even Italian food... that's Broad & Banks. A local favorite for a reason!

Broad & Banks Seafood

342 S Broad St, New Orleans, LA 70119

(504) 218-7876

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