FBI investigation report: Mayor Cantrell used taxpayer's dollars for lavish trips

FBI investigation report: Mayor Cantrell used taxpayer's dollars for lavish trips

The New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell probe and expenditures related to her suspected connection with a security guard are rising.

The FBI is investigating Cantrell. NOLA.com reported that a federal grand jury investigating her has issued more subpoenas, citing sources.

WVUE-DT reports that Cantrell's relationship with New Orleans police officer Jeffrey Vappie is under scrutiny.

According to data seen by the newspaper, a December climate conference trip to Dubai cost taxpayers almost $15,000.

Probably the worst mayor ever. Yet another DEI failure.
One more! The FBI is investigating New Orleans' Democratic Mayor LaToya Cantrell's connection with her bodyguard, who was dumped by his wife for 'affair' amid recordings of their hours together. pic.twitter.com/IRmEGgDEMR

— 🇺🇲Salty Texan (@texan_maga) January 18, 2024

Since early January, the FBI has investigated Cantrell and Vappie, who have been seen frequently at a city-owned residence.

Vappie billed the city for some of his time there.

According to the publication, Vappie's wife claimed in court filings that her husband confessed having an affair with “Mrs. L.C.”

Cantrell is being investigated for using first-class travel in violation of a city ordinance and must refund $29,000 spent on upgraded flights. The state Ethics Board has charged her for travel, WWL-TV reports.

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell investigation into romance with married officer behind $14K taxpayer-funded Dubai vacation https://t.co/NhwVn6WFm0?

On January 22, 2024, Mike Kenealy tweeted.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, Cantrell called allegations of misconduct sexist and racism.

At a recent press conference, she said, "Based on the false allegations that come my way, by the time I finish this job, literally, you know, accused of sleeping with half the city of New Orleans, both genders and all pronouns."

"If I were a man, you wouldn't text me about this BS," she told a journalist.

She also claimed “investigations or targeting” had racial implications.

📺 ZURIK: Cantrell and Officer Vappie's Dubai vacation cost taxpayers nearly $15,000.https://t.co/6dKZaf7ATC

January 19, 2024, Fix New Orleans

Always cooperated, will continue to do so. She noted that this seemed to be common in black leadership, and she stated she was no exception.

She attributed her security costs to COVID-19 and “the world black women walk in.”

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