Michael Thomas looking good at TC, getting closer to 100%

Michael Thomas looking good at TC, getting closer to 100%
METAIRIE, Louisiana After missing a sizable amount of each of the previous three seasons due to ankle and toe ailments, wide receiver Michael Thomas of the New Orleans Saints isn't quite ready to declare that he is fully recovered.

Thomas, though, who described himself as "addicted to perfection," won't accept anything less.

"I constantly strive for perfection and want to dominate every rep. I prepare to execute and make the play because I'm a competitor. I don't prepare to lose. It involves a process of learning. However, the Saints do have some excellent competition on the opposite side of the ball, as Thomas noted on Tuesday. "I think it won't take long, but you have to get into the swing of things; you have to learn some things from the coaches and the players I'm around. I'm just taking things day by day and trying not to worry too much.

Thomas missed half of the 2020 season and all of the 2021 season with an ankle ailment, and he only participated in three games in 2022 due to a toe injury. But once the doctors gave him the go-ahead to fully participate this summer, he said he didn't feel like there were any mental obstacles he needed to go over.

Thomas stated, "I trusted it once I passed my physical and they gave me the green light and they checked all the details they needed to check." "Like I stated, I have a really deep trust in God, and I understand that getting here required a process. I didn't manipulate the procedure either. Therefore, if you don't shortcut the process and keep at it, ultimately you'll reap the benefits. As a result, I was able to return outside. And I'm simply tweaking things, as I mentioned. Missed a good deal of time. Consequently, for me to say, "Yeah, I'm 100 [out here]," No. But I'm making daily progress in that direction.

Although some of the practices have been significantly lighter than others, Thomas has participated in each of the first six training camp sessions. That's because the Saints devised a schedule for Thomas and some of the other seasoned players in an effort to maintain a manageable volume of their snaps and reps.

According to Saints coach Dennis Allen, "there are a number of guys that we have some planned limited practice days, some planned extra days off." "So, we have a strategy for Mike. He's been doing a wonderful job following the plan and having faith in what we're doing, and I believe you can see a little bit of growth in him and an increase in confidence every day, which is encouraging.

Thomas had his busiest day of practice since the start of camp on Monday as quarterback Derek Carr frequently went to him in 11-on-11 drills. Thomas stated that his friendship with free agent signing Carr has "been progressing tremendously."

Although the news has been good thus far, Thomas claimed that he still utilizes the doubters to fuel his ambition, stating that the chip on his shoulder is "very big and grows every day."

"I kinda just fuel off the doubt," he admitted. The phrase "people might call it crazy or people might call it, like, I don't know," was used by Thomas. However, some claim that if you don't have any haters, you aren't really popular. I actually utilize that as fuel for myself. You're probably not in my shoes if you have any doubts about me, to start with. I'm just going to push myself harder now, and I'll show you that you're incorrect later. It's basically simply a mental phenomenon. If you have a strong intellect, it doesn't matter who doubts you. I'm in a fortunate position right now. And all I am aware of is the importance of honing my trade.

"I just want to come out here and play football," he continued. "I want to go hard from Point A to Point B, catch a bunch of passes, move the chains, and do the things that fans are used to seeing us do. And just make this company successful. The goal of this game is to win, and that is what it is all about. It isn't about what people say or think. The only things that matter are playing for the Super Bowl, winning these games, scoring these points, moving the chains, staying healthy, and being there for your teammates when they need you.
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