Browns QB fined for gun celebration

Browns QB fined for gun celebration
The Cleveland Browns and quarterback Deshaun Watson's performance on Monday night has resulted in more hits. A total of $35,513 was penalized to Watson for three different plays in the Steelers' defeat.

He was penalized an additional $13,659 for unsportsmanlike behavior in addition to two penalties totaling $10,927 for needless roughness.

Along with Watson, David Njoku also received a $13,659 punishment for acting in an unsportsmanlike manner after celebrating a successful two-point convert. Jerome Ford, the running back, was also fined $5,281 for being overly rough.

Watson received two unnecessary roughness fines for the two plays throughout the game for which he was flagged. Late in the game, Watson had two scrambles in which he was flagged for face mask penalties while attempting to go out of bounds.

Many believed Watson ought to have been punished after he appeared to have inadvertently bumped an official after the play. The NFL declared on Tuesday that Watson will not face any more sanctions for that.

These sanctions are only more proof that whatever Watson does moving forward will be closely monitored. The celebration for which Watson and Njoku were punished is seen below.
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