Coach Prime pulls another upset, Colorado crushes Nebraska 36-14

Coach Prime pulls another upset, Colorado crushes Nebraska 36-14
In Week 1, Colorado learned quickly how to overcome setbacks and continue playing. On Saturday, it significantly paid off.

The Buffaloes were kept without a point far into the second quarter against TCU after a 45-point outburst against them. Fortunately for Deion Sanders' team, Nebraska went an even longer stretch without scoring. The door for Colorado was ultimately opened by the Cornhuskers' errors.

In a lackluster performance, Nebraska made four mistakes, missed a field goal, and flagged six violations. In the first half, Nebraska's Jeff Sims mishandled two snaps, the latter of which led to a field goal by Colorado. Sims also brutally intercepted a pass, which led to a Buffaloes touchdown and the game's first score.

In the second half, Colorado's offense appeared considerably more at ease and deliberate, churning its way to three additional touchdowns and transforming what had once been a defensive struggle into a lopsided contest.

Shedeur Sanders made a few mistakes early on and was sacked seven times, but it was his growth from beginning to end that gave Colorado hope that this kind of success was attainable in the future.

Sanders reaffirmed his status as a Heisman Trophy contender by going 31 of 42 for 393 yards, two touchdowns, and a rushing touchdown in the victory.

It was Xavier Weaver who led the way for the Buffaloes this week after Dylan Edwards came through with four touchdowns against TCU. Sanders had a certain target even when the offense wasn't performing at its peak thanks to Weaver's 170 yards on 10 catches.

Colorado's win total from 2022 has already been doubled by Coach Prime's team, which is present. Prior to their high-profile contests against Oregon and USC, the Buffaloes will play a tune-up game against Colorado State, while Matt Rhule's Nebraska team will start over offensively.
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