Damon Arnette pleads guilty to felony gun charges, claims to have meeting with Cowboys

Damon Arnette pleads guilty to felony gun charges, claims to have meeting with Cowboys
Damon Arnette pled guilty to a felony gun charge on Monday... and then said he was ready to catch an aircraft to DFW to speak with the Dallas Cowboys about joining with the NFL team.

"If I'm lucky enough to get another chance in the NFL, I'm going to kill it," Arnette told reporters after the Clark County District Court in Las Vegas ordered him not to use firearms again.

Arnette's choice of words is unfortunate, given that in January 2022, the former first-round draft pick by the Las Vegas Raiders was arrested for assault and possessing a revolver "in a threatening manner" at a Las Vegas Strip hotel valet stand. Arnette was indicted last May after it was revealed that he was armed with a.45-caliber revolver and threatened two hotel valets after an altercation over a parking fee at the Park MGM. There have also been earlier allegations against Arnette and his association with guns.

He also faced drug charges because when Las Vegas police stopped him and detained him on suspicion of drug and gun violations, investigators discovered drugs thought to be cocaine in the driver's side door, in addition to a gun. A firearm was also found in the automobile of Arnette's passenger.

"I've learned a great deal." "I'm sorry for everything," Arnette, 26, said to reporters. "I value and respect another opportunity." "I'm a better man than I used to be."

By admitting guilt, the charges were lowered to misdemeanors, allowing Arnette to avoid trial on crimes of assault with a deadly weapon and carrying a hidden firearm, which may result in up to ten years in state prison. Arnette faces a year in prison if he breaks the "no-guns" rule.

Arnette's statement that he had an airline flight scheduled to Dallas to discuss a contract seemed to imply that he was in a hurry to meet with Cowboys management. Most Cowboys officials were not present at The Star on Monday because they were at training camp in Oxnard, California, with a team led by Trevon Diggs and Stephon Gilmore. However, the squad will return to Dallas later this week for the Cowboys' preseason opener against Jacksonville at AT&T Stadium on Saturday.
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