Florida State gives LSU a royal beatdown, 45-24

Florida State gives LSU a royal beatdown, 45-24
The Florida State Seminoles and the LSU Tigers opened the season with a bang at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida, drawing in over 65,000 spectators. Given that both teams started out neck and neck, it was a tale of two haves. Until the second half, the Seminoles were unable to break away, after which they never looked back.

Keon Coleman demonstrated his value on the evening as one of the most highly regarded moves entering 2023. He had 122 yards and three TDs after making big plays when the 'Noles needed them.

The ball sailed into the air to a full stadium after the 'Noles won the toss and deferred to the Tigers for the second half. Running back Tre Bradford caught a 55-yard pass from quarterback Jayden Daniels to start the game for the Tigers. A sack by linebacker DJ Lundy put a stop to the Tigers' first possession as the Florida State defense improved at the goal line.

For the Florida State Seminoles, tight end Jaheim Bell caught the first pass of the year, and wide receiver Johnny Wilson got the offense going with two catches for 12 yards and a successful third and long. With a 40-yard reception from Michigan State transfer Keon Coleman, FSU quickly put seven on the board and he scored his first touchdown in garnet and gold.

On a one-yard run by Bradford, the Tigers answered with a nine-play, 75-yard drive of their own.

The Tigers got the ball into the red zone as a result of two costly penalties after FSU swiftly went three and out and punted the ball back to them. At the 20-yard line, defensive tackle Malcolm Ray and linebacker Tatum Bethune of FSU established the tone. Daniels completed just two passes before the first quarter came to a close. Shyheim Brown, a defensive back, sacked the Tigers to prevent a fourth-and-short situation.

As LSU's Aaron Anderson fumbled a punt that FSU's Azareye'h Thomas recovered, both teams exchanged turnovers. On the following play, Travis made a poor throw that Duce Chestnut caught. FSU was stuck on the Tigers' one-yard line after the Tigers' failed conversion.

Daniels scampered 40 yards to put LSU in a position to score. After a one-yard dash by Noah Cane, they would score their second touchdown, extending the Tigers' lead to 14-7.

Wilson regained possession of the ball with a 22-yard reception, and wide receiver Winston Wright, Jr. soon after did the same with an 18-yard catch—his first as a Seminole. On a 21-yard reception, Coleman brought in the second touchdown for the Seminoles, tying the score at FSU-14, LSU-14.

With a 44-yard touchdown reception from tight end Jaheim Bell, who gave FSU a 38-17 lead, tight end Travis placed the icing on the cake. A late touchdown by the Tigers increased the score to 45-17 after Bell continued to rush for another touchdown.
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