Jackson St. basketball Coach criticizes 60 Mins for depiction of city during interview with Deion Sanders

Jackson St. basketball Coach criticizes 60 Mins for depiction of city during interview with Deion Sanders
The head coach of Jackson State's women's basketball team, Tomekia Reed, took to Twitter to criticize CBS's 60 Minutes for including Deion Sanders.

The Sunday show followed Sanders' NFL career as a cornerback, Jackson State's head coach, and currently the head coach of the University of Colorado Boulder football team.

Reporter Jon Wertheim of "60 Minutes" highlighted the distinctions between Boulder and Jackson, seemingly casting Jackson in a negative light.

TV Insider reported that Wertheim stated, "The distance between Jackson and Boulder is a thousand miles, and immeasurably further culturally." From an 83 percent black city to a one percent black one, Sanders moved. From a region experiencing a water crisis to a somewhat trendy college town including a kite-focused store.

In the middle of Wertheim's narration, a picture of a run-down house appeared. As Reed watched the show, she took to Twitter to express her disapproval of the way Jackson was portrayed.

"You guys from @60Minutes made Jackson, Mississippi look awful," Reed tweeted late on Sunday, September 17, according to TV Insider. "You ought to feel embarrassed about showcasing the ugliest house you could locate in America and making it seem like it represents us. That abandoned house you showed may not even be in Jackson, in my opinion. #HomeIsHere.

In response, Reed told X viewers that the program "compared Jackson, MS to Boulder, CO," which was an unjust comparison.

"They showed very nice locations in Boulder and the worst they could find in Jackson, MS," the author wrote. It wouldn't have hurt @60Minutes to take the time to highlight everything that we have to offer.

(Pictured Above: Deion Sanders on 60 Minutes)

T.C. Taylor, the head coach of JSU football, also defended the community.

Taylor, a McComb native and Jackson State alum, stated, "I thought it gave a bad look on Jackson." "Jackson has a lot of positive traits. Both Jackson State and this program are doing some positive things for the city. Since they are the media, they are in charge of the narrative when you see something like that and how they depict it. However, if you were born, raised, or otherwise connected to this area, you are aware of the essence of Mississippi and the city of Jackson.

The New York Post was informed by a source that the picture of the run-down house was taken in the vicinity of the Jackson State football stadium.

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