Kobe Bryant's high school friend calls him a "piece of sh*t" on podcast

Kobe Bryant's high school friend calls him a "piece of sh*t" on podcast

Kobe Bryant's former high school pal branded him “a piece of sh*t” on a podcast.

Kevin Sanchez told the Blood on the Razor Wire presenter about his bond with the former Lakers standout. Sanchez remembers asking Kobe for money after prison but getting none. Sanchez seemed bitter about this.

“Look man, I don’t want no hand-outs, I don’t want no money, I don’t want sh*t,” Sanchez allegedly told Bryant.

"I need you to do this..."All I want to do is go back to you, get me out in LA, place me with someone where I can make money, and get me working for a business or something to benefit myself. "I want nothing free; I want to work for it," he said.

Sanchez said he and Kobe “was super tight,” but Bryant's number led to an assistant, and he never spoke to Kobe again.

Sanchez said, “This is when I really found out he was a piece of sh*t,” in the X/Twitter footage above.

Sanchez was arrested for a 7-Eleven robbery in July 1996 after being misidentified. He was convicted and sentenced to 5–10 years in jail despite his innocence, Grantland says.

Kevin claimed he was rapping with Kobe and their hip-hop group during the heist, but he was wrongfully accused. Kevin says a juror told him Bryant's testimony may have swayed the verdict.

Not Kobe's fault I got to jail. He recalled, "I don't blame him." We doubted we needed him. A fake ID. No way were we losing.”

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