LAPD investigating Michael B. Jordan's viral Ferrari crash

LAPD investigating Michael B. Jordan's viral Ferrari crash

Following the release of a video purportedly showing Michael B. Jordan's Ferrari smashing into a parked car, the LAPD has opened an investigation into the actor's automobile accident.

The inquiry was started because authorities believe Jordan was racing his blue Ferrari at the time of the collision, according to TMZ.

Law enforcement claims that Jordan was not intoxicated when the "traffic collision" occurred on December 2 in Hollywood near Sunset Boulevard and Beachwood Drive. According to an LAPD spokesman, there was no proof of irresponsible driving, and no one was hurt, as Entertainment Tonight notes.

In the widely shared video, Jordan appears to be racing a red Ferrari. The driver of the second vehicle talked with ET about what transpired before the collision.

Tenshi Angel claims that when the blue Ferrari came up next to him, he was "vibing out" and enjoying some music. He was unable to see the driver at the moment, thus he was unaware that it was Jordan.

We were merely, you know, pacing. Angel recalls, "This was before the recording there was, like, two blocks away," according to ET.

"All we did was cruise. We were revving the motors a little bit until we reached the next block, and that's when we were like, "Oh," I believe it was halfway through. Three times, hunk[ed]. That's what occurred, I took off," he said.

Angel says that although he and the other driver weren't "moving fast," they were "revving engines."

He didn't find out Jordan was driving the blue Ferrari until he saw the news about the collision.

The LAPD is reportedly now trying to establish that Jordan "was behind the wheel of the racing Ferrari," according to TMZ.

If law police discovers "criminal culpability" during their probe, they may "forward the case to prosecutors for possible charges," according to the publication.

According to AOL, the LAPD first described the event in a statement as a "traffic collision of a vehicle into a parked [car]."

Jordan exchanged information at the scene with the driver of the Kia he slammed into, according to confirmation from the LAPD.

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