Parlay gives $500 scholarship to Alabama A&M student

On every HBCU campus there are thousands of students trying to further their education with little to no support at all. Some of our students are the hope of their families back home.

Janai Jermany is a student at Alabama A&M University studying Business Administration with a concentration on International Business. She has love from her family but not much financial support. So, she drove Uber and Lyft to get in college.

Parlay Foundation received a letter from her Pastor in Sacramento, CA confirming her need and her deserving of financial aid. "I worried about her because sometimes she would drive Uber and Lyft in cities very far away trying to be where the demand was," said Pastor Parker of the Church of the Sovereign God Christian Fellowship in Sacramento. He said he has known her family for over 15 years and has pastored them for 10 of those years. Pastor Parker explained how hard Janai had worked to help her mom with her younger siblings and she was deserving of any financial assistance available.

The Parlay Foundation reached out to Janai and found her to be a very hardworking student, trying her best to make her family proud. Even in school she is working multiple jobs to help her mother back home and pay tuition. This week our donors gave a $500 scholarship to Janai to help with tuition debt. 

"Thank you so much to the Parlay HBCU Foundation for raising money for my education,." expressed Janai in a letter to the Parlay Foundation.  "These funds will help ease the stress of tuition as they will go towards paying off a portion of my balance. Thank you to Reaux Fareal and this wonderful platform for all you do for HBCU students."

Janai was the 90th student to receive financial assistance through the Parlay Foundation's 'I Got 5 On It Friday' campaign in which supporters pledge $5 on Fridays to help HBCU students in need of financial assistance.

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